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Software Development Gone Wrong.

According to Gartner, the value of the worldwide enterprise software industry in 2013 was around $410 billion. More recently, it’s likely that the total enterprise software revenue reached above $700 billion in 2015. That’s only for enterprise software. Please don’t worry that these amounts might not be precise, the point I’m making is that the software industry is massive and is probably the fastest growing industry in the world to date.

It’s no surprise that software development is such a hot and ever changing space. In the past 30 years we’ve experienced a boom of software development methods. Just take a look at this list from wikipedia. By the way, there are some gems to be found there, such as "You aren't gonna need it” or “Worse is better” :).

I’ve been in this industry for last 10 to 15 years. My primary interest was always to build great software products, and at the same time I have never focused on, or really cared about, software development itself. Let me explain why.

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