The best way to get smarter, fast.

Why get smarter at all? Although this is a rhetoric question, let me mentally roam around.

Let’s start with this: the continuous pursuit of producing ever better outcomes is an axiom of life for me. And everything what we do can be simplified, boiled down to decision making and acting on decisions. The better decisions you make, the better your outcomes will be, regardless of what you are doing.

So what are the ways to make decisions? There are a few. Random guessing is for those who don’t believe in determinism. Star Wars fans might use the force, and Lord of The Rings aficionados may opt for magic. Some also like to simply do what others do. That pretty much exhausts all the fun options, leaving only those - such as rational decision making - that are based on real science and incidentally are the only proven ways to significantly increase the chances of producing good outcomes.

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