I’m a builder, hustler and a hacker by nature.

I have been profiting from my technological skills since I was 14. I dropped out of two college major courses in different fields, as I didn’t get enough value from them. Early on, during my college years, I co-founded my first business - Applicake, a top software development house that was purely bootstrapped and scaled to size of around 30 people.

Currently I'm focused on enterprise software, where my goal is to take organizations’ productivity to a new level and to expedite the move from unproductive legacy systems. For that I co-founded Base - Intelligent Sales Productivity Platform.

I’m the CTO at Base, driving the company’s technological strategy. I’m building the new wave of enterprise technologies, with a strong focus on distributed systems, service oriented architecture, big data and data science, mobility and continuous delivery.

I’m on a mission to advance humankind’s productivity through technology.

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